D A  N  I  E  L  L  E         M.      S  C  H  A  E  F  E  R 

I O G R A P H Y 

   Multi-media Artist born in Buffalo, New York

    Living and working in New York, New York

 Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Studio Art Centers International (SACI) Florence, Italy - Summa Cum Laude

Bachelor of Science in Art Education from State University College at Buffalo, New York (USA) - Magna Cum Laude

Growing up in a small town, community and family ties were built and remained strong, ultimately having a major impact on my unique style of artwork. As an artist and New York State certified art educator, opportunities presented themselves to share my love for creating. While student teaching, inspiration came from the use of recycled materials. Working with recycled materials and investigating various ways of re-use is vital in my artwork. I enjoy challenging myself to labor with new mediums and experiment through multiple disciplines of painting, ceramics, jewelry/metalsmithing and photography. 

My work while living in Florence, Italy projects a sense of connection 
through music, material, molding and metaphors of life in Europe and life in New York. 

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