D A  N  I  E  L  L  E         M.      S  C  H  A  E  F  E  R 

 O N N E C T 

Music has continuously influenced my production of work, my closeness to others and to the physical aesthetic of the material. Even the absence of music intrigues me. While living in Italy for two years, I loved seeing people from different cultures understanding and enjoying the same music regardless of their spoken language. This idea of connection through music strongly influences my artwork. 

Exhibition:  (Top 2 images)

Within Alterity; Encounters with a Population, a Collection, a Territory

 -Museo dell'Accademia Etrusca - Cortona, Italy 4-8/2014

This piece is based on the modern day Etruscan. Intrigued by the way the museum displayed Etruscan mosaics vertically, I explored the idea of taking a style of my art that normally would be displayed on the wall and placed it in front on the ground. One CD remains in tact, embedded with Etruscan information and images representing the origin and rebirth of the culture. The fragments spreading further and further apart from the origin represents the dispersing of the culture throughout the world.

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