D A  N  I  E  L  L  E         M.      S  C  H  A  E  F  E  R 

E M P O R A R Y  

Temporary; The preciousness of life.

This series of work is influenced by my relation to, and obsession with Koi fish. My family began building a pond on our land over 15 years ago. Within the last nine years, my family has had to overcome traumatic events and we always found safety in our garden. It became a haven, a consistent spot to gather, share thoughts and comfort one another.  After many days and nights sitting surrounded by the beauty of this sanctuary, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the graceful movement of the Koi fish. They swim united with other Koi, yet captive and fragile in a world they have no control over. For me, Koi is a metaphor for family and life. By incorporating methods of alteration, subtraction of paint and fragmentation of materials, I explore this metaphor of life’s fragility, the state of being temporary. Despite the negative connotation that comes along with being temporary, my research with this work is focused on realizing and appreciating the positives of this state.

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Long Distance

Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea: Florence, Italy 4/2015

Defend represents the protection and preciousness of ones inner self by keeping the painting captive, facing the wall yet allowing the beauty of light to shine through its transparencies from within.

Mendcarefully welded together sculptures of fragmented CD scraps, embodies the metaphor of being fragile and having to pick up the pieces of life and creating anew.

 a continuous line of numerous recycled CDs that have been modified by flame, tool, paint and blade to change its purpose, promotes the idea of being flexible and conforming to any alterations life throws at you.

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